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Jancy Slugger Holemaker II Magnetic Drill
Standard Features
  • New Design! Streamlined magnet coupled with rail slide system provides reduced overall height yet increased travel.
  • All aluminum high torque motor with patented internal motor cord
  • Lightweight-Only 30 pounds
  • integrated coolant system
  • Safe handling, ergonomic handles
  • Includes Smart Magnet circuitry and illuminated switches confirm proper magnetic adhesion.
  • 1-3/8" diameter through 2" material
For more information on the Jancy Slugger Holemaker II Mag Drill, or any other Magnetic Drill please give us a call at (800)648-6370

Jancy Holemaker II Magnetic Drill
Slugger Logo
Slugger Holemaker II
Magnetic Drill

The all new redesigned Slugger Holemaker II is a small, compact, powerful mag drill. The Holemaker II incorporates state of the art design such as Smart Magnet circuitry. This magnetic drill weighs in at 30 pounds making it ideal for Power plants, refineries, and maintenece departmentrs.

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