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Slugger Carrying Case for Mag Drill
Carrying Cases
Chain Base

These sturdy cases are built specifically to protect your Jancy Mag Drills.


The chain base is used to attach your Slugger magnetic drill to curved surfaces for drilling operations.

USA5 Chain Base
2x2 chain Base
4x4 Chain Base

Chuck and Adapters for Jancy Mag Drill
Countersinks for Jancy Magnetic Drill
Chuck and Adapters
Chuck and adapters modify Slugger magnetic drills to accept standard twist drill bits.

1/2" Chuck & adapter for JM101
3/4" Chuck & Adapter for USA5 & JM5000
3/4" Chuck and Adapter for 4x4 & MT3S
1/2" Chuck and Adapter for 2.2
Give all Jancy Magnetic Drills the ability to produce a precise chamfer in pre-existing holes. All countersinks are 82 Degrees.

1" Countersink
1-1/2" Countersink
2" Countersink

Cutter Extensions for Jancy Slugger Drills
Magnetic Drilling Fluid
Cutter Extensions
Cutting Fluid & Paste
Extends the reach of Slugger cutters in drilling applications. Consult the factory for application information.

2" arbor extension, 1-5/16" arbor body diameter
3" arbor extension, 1-5/16" arbor body diameter
4" arbor extension, 1-5/16" arbor body diameter
6" arbor extension, 1-5/16" arbor body diameter
Cutting Paste lubricates Slugger cutters when drilling in horizontal and inverted positions. The heat that is generated while drilling liquifies the cutting paste, providing coolant and extending cutter life .

Cutting Fluid used with Slugger Cutterss is a water based fluid designed to extend tool life, improve surface finish and reduce heat build-up when drilling.

Available in Pints, Quarts, Gallon, 5-Gallon and 55-Gallon.

MagBrush for use with magnetic Base Drills
Magnetic Positioners
Safely removes metal chips and debris from mag drills and work areas. The Magbrush's slide action lever quickly demagnetizes the tool, which releases chips for disposal.

Magbrush 15"
Super Magbrush 3'
Magnetic welding positioners are designed for quick and accurate positioning of parts during tack welding, soldering, layout and assembly process. Reliable and inexpensive, they are the perfect solution for welders looking to improve work quality and reduce set-up time.

Jancy Tapping Heads for  Magnetic Drills
Mag Drills Twist Drill Sets
Tapping Heads
Twist Drill Sets

Tapping heads available to mount on Slugger drills to tap pre drilled holes.

USA5 complete tapping unit
Collet for #10 to 1/2" tap size
Collet for 1/2" to 3/4" tap size
4x4 complete tapping unit
Collet for 1/2" to 3/4" tap size
Collete for 7/8" to 1-1/8" tap size
JM101 complete tapping unit
Collete #0 to 1/4" tap size
Collete 1/4" to 1/2" tap size

Jancy twist drill sets are availible for Slugger drills to allow drilling of holes smaller than an annular cutter will allow

Available in a Standard or Metric Set.

Standard: 1/4", 5/16" 3/8" & 7/16"
Metric: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Jancy Vac Pac for use with SluggerDrills
Vac Pad

Jancy's Vac Pad is used to secure Slugger mag based drills to non-ferrous materials.